Thursday, April 18, 2013

When you have no internet...

Yesterday I spent the whole day hanging out with the AT&T guy. After 1 month, 3 visits from AT&T,  2 full days of them working in and around the house, and hours spent with the phone robot, we finally have reliable wireless internet! So instead of doing anything I had planned, I spent the day sewing and weaving. What better way to spend a day!

Cathedral Windows WIP

I've been wanting to give cathedral windows a try to feature a fabric charm pack I was really drawn to. These four are mostly done and just need their windows sewn down. So far I've done it all on the machine but I'll hand stitch the windows. I have no idea what I'll do with them but I had fun making them and will be making a bunch more.

Black and White wall hanging WIP
This is the start of a wall hanging. I've decided to try more wall hangings in the hopes of completing more projects. The goal is to get this one done next check back in and keep me on schedule! The black and white is the background. I plan on appliqueing a large colorful flower on top. I was going to do the whole background in b/w stripes but I'm liking the stripes at one end and the white open space on the other. We'll see where it goes.

Army t-shirt weaving WIP
 The last project I was working on is this weaving. I have a bag of old clothes that Travis tried to throw out. I pilfered it away and now have a large supply of fabric to use! Don't ask how but I'm thinking of turning this into a headboard. That's it for this week!

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